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Support Talents

Is it worth investing in the Fresh Talent line (Keep Fresh, Fresh Wrap, Always Fresh)? I'm at Fresh Wrap right now and I don't know if I should use my points to enhance it or keep them to further enhance damage/control talents instead. I cared more about these once I'd unlocked Seasoning and Melt & Mold so I'm more advanced there but maybe I'm missing the point of the Fresh talents.

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Guild Pet

what is the point of guild pets? How do they benefit me?

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Official Art?

I'm trying to find all the official art about Food Fantasy since I keep seeing it everywhere on other social platforms (Tumblr, for example, has unedited clean backgrounds of the character loading screens without the small loading bar at the bottom) and I really need to find the official art??? I've looked all over the wiki page and there's. not. a. single. official. art. ;w;
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Selling Fanart

Hi I love food fantasy a lot. I'm wondering if you can make and sell fan merch of the food souls? thanks!
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chat error

I can play this game but I only can read chat in global and guild chat if I can join comment, this game error. and my private massage blank, I cant see massage. what shouid I do?
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Exploration Dead Ends

Interesting theory:

Thought I should share :)
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Characters that may be a reference to other media?

I have a theory that a bunch of the characters' designs are references to various well-known anime characters, regardless of whether or not they actually fit the food they're named after.

For example, I believe Brownie is based on Sebastian Michelis from "Black Butler", which is a popular Gothic Victorian anime about a cold, confident British butler who won't hesitate to resort to violence to protect his charge-- he likes cats, and the boy he's protecting infamously wore a dress in one episode while incognito, which might be why Brownie wears a maid outfit with cat ears in his Deadly Agent skin.

Milk and Jiuniang might be based on Tohru and Kanna from "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid"-- Tohru is also a busty maid with horns, and Kanna also has similar bangs/hair color and a pink dress.

Crab Long Bao might be based on Uzumaki Naruto, though there are plenty of other energetic shonen manga protagonists with blonde hair.

Sashimi could be based on Narancia from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo" (a young, energetic boy with a gender-neutral haircut tied in an orange headband).

Moon Cake's hairstyle reminds me a bit of Belldandy from "Ah! My Goddess".

I don't think Foie Gras is based on an anime character, but rather on ballet/plays like The Snow Queen and The Swan Princess.

I don't know if any of these are confirmed, or just a result of me watching too much anime.
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Experience from sweeping?

Do you gain experience points from sweeping levels? I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere.
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Team Up: Easy vs Normal

When do you recommend switching from easy to hard? I mean regarding food souls' general levels and skill levels.
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PSA: logging issues

Some (a lot of?) players seem to be unable to log in after the latest update. They get an error and are told to contact Customer Support. I could log in through my phone but not my tablet.

Here's the mail to support:

Official FB is at and you can use Messenger I think.
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12-2 (hard) is completely destroying me.

Okay, so, I hated 9-2 by itself and when I finally finished it, I was elated. Ran through the rest, 10, 11, and 12-1. When I hit 12-2, I was shook. Again? AGAIN? My team is 4★Milk and Black Tea, 2★Foie Gras and B-52, and 1★Escargot with talents Saucepan and Seasoning. Thanks in advance aha
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Food Soul Profile Stories

I've got Tempura to fondness level 4, and unlocked all his voices, but the five little buttons under his Bio still aren't unlocked. Do I need to reach a certain level to unlock all 5?
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Where is everyone getting the official sprites from? I have a lot of time to waste so i'd like to add more
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Which is a better healer? Milk or Sweet Tofu? 🤔
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Likes and Dislikes on profiles

Are they supposed to be romantic? Or just people they enjoy or despise being around?
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if i dont get a bavarian skin soon im going to jump off a cliff

please elex i just want to put my wife in a new dress
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5 stars

Can you still get shards of a food soul that already has all 5 stars?
If so, what do you do with them?
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can you transfer ios game data from one phone to another?

i use an iphone for food fantasy and i have a pretty decent account including 2 ultra rares and a bunch more characters and i’m level 35 but recently i have a new iphone and i have to get rid of my old phone but i don’t want to have to start the game over again - especially after just getting B-52 :( - so is there any way i can transfer my food fantasy data!!?
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