Banner-A Man's Love

October 9 - October 18

Event Rules

Event Summary

  1. Complete Story Stages and pick the right choices to increase fondness level of one of two food souls.
    • The corresponding chest can be claimed once the food soul reaches 80 fondness.
    • Story Stages have to be reset with crystals to receive the other chest.
    • Each chest can only be claimed once.
  2. Complete Battle Stages for smaller amounts of rewards.
    • Battle Stages can be swept for rewards once you've completed it the first time.
    • Battle Stages use Action Power instead of Stamina, which will replenish to 100 daily at midnight.
  3. Event tokens acquired from Battle Stages and Chests can be exchanged for
    Tempura's "Vintage Festival" skin and other items.
  4. Heart Seals Icon-Heart Seal and Reason Seals Icon-Reason Seal can be stocked up and used in future events.

Story Stages

  1. Attendants can select different answers during the Storyline Q&A to increase the Fondness level of relevant Food Souls.
  2. There will be options to select during the Storyline Q&A which will not increase Fondness level. Spend 15 Crystals to change selections. 3 daily refreshes.
  3. When the story stage resets, randomly receive 8 Swift Emblems Icon-Swift Emblem or Pearls of Self Icon-Pearls of Self

Battle Stages

  1. Challenge event stages to obtain exclusive event items. These items can be exchanged for in-game items.
  2. Challenging event battle stages will not consume stamina. Instead, it will consume “Action Power” which is exclusive to the event.
  3. Action Power refreshes daily at 0am. Recovers to 100 pts. If your Action Power is greater than 100 during that time, then it will not refresh.
  4. Attendants can spend 45 Crystals for 100 Action Power. Limited to 10 daily purchases.
  5. Complete all side stories to sweep stages.

Event Rewards

  1. Rewards include stage drops and treasure chests.
  2. Treasure Chests: Once the Attendant completes all stages and reaches the required Food Soul Fondness level, the corresponding treasure will be available to claim.
  3. All treasure chests during this Story Event can only be claimed once.

Event Reset Rules

  1. Once you’ve completed the event and claimed the relative chests, then you may spend 240 Crystals to reset the Story Event to claim the other chest.
  2. Once reset, all story stages can be replayed again.
  3. To claim the other chests, you’ll need to reach the required Food Soul Fondness Level for the relative chest.

Story Stage Q&A

Miso Soup
Miso Soup Route
2 - 2 - 1
Tempura Route
1 - 3 - 3
Everything can be negotiated.
Tempura +30
Consider it again.
Miso Soup
Miso Soup +30
Are you sure?
Tempura +15
It's not the time to discuss gender.
Tempura +15
No comment.
Miso Soup
Miso Soup +30
Comment on this
Tempura +30
With the greatest passion.
Miso Soup
Miso Soup +30
There is always a way.
Tempura +15
Believe in yourself.
Tempura +30

Event Reward Exchanges

Event Drops Required

Event Rewards

350 Icon-Swift Emblem + 350 Icon-Pearls of Self

Tempura Special Sprite Trans

Tempura "Vintage Festival" skin

1 Icon-Heart Seal + 2 Icon-Reason Seal

Dish-Salmon Sashimi

Exquisite Salmon Sashimi

2 Icon-Heart Seal + 1 Icon-Reason Seal

Dish-Grilled Pork Belly

Exquisite Grilled Pork Belly

9 Icon-Heart Seal + 7 Icon-Reason Seal

Sprite-Soul Ember

30 Soul Embers

8 Icon-Heart Seal + 7 Icon-Reason Seal

Icon-Spirit Reincarnator

1 Spirit Reincarnator

10 Icon-Heart Seal + 10 Icon-Reason Seal

Icon-Beginner Seasoning

5 Beginner Seasonings

2 Icon-Heart Seal+ 6 Icon-Reason Seal

Icon-Magic Crystal

10 Magic Crystals

10 Icon-Heart Seal + 10 Icon-Reason Seal


100 Stamina Points