Note: Catacombs unlocks at level 26 and can be found in Trials.

There are 2 daily challenge chances for each Attendant. Certain Attendants will have 3 chances. (Purchase Monthly Adventure Card to gain 1 additional chance)

Prior to entering the Catacombs, Attendants must select their Food Souls. No less than 5 and no more than 10 Food Souls are allowed. Once you enter the Catacombs you won’t be able to reselect your team. 

Cat - team selection

Attendants can select all available Food Souls regardless of whether they are free or busy.


Prior to entering battle, Attendants need to sign a Ruler Contract. Contracts will increase the Catacombs difficulty but will also net greater rewards. Attendants can select their team and their talents but be mindful of the Ruler Contract.

Cat - ruler contracts

In the Catacombs, every 5th level is a new challenge. Attendants are then allowed to reselect their team and sign a new contract. 

During battle, Food Souls need to defeat the enemy within the given time. If time runs out or if all Food Souls are killed, then it will be considered a defeat. You can revive your team with diamonds only if all your Food Souls were killed. The status of enemies will not be reset. 

During the exploration, normal attendants will have 3 chances to restart and special attendants will have 5 chances.


Attendants have two exploration records. Highest exploration will be kept permanently in your records. Season high will refresh every season.

Season high will be used for season ranking. The higher the rank the better the rewards. 

The deeper the exploration, the better the rewards. 

Attendants can choose to continue with exploration or leave the exploration. Those who choose to leave will have their records recorded. When the season ends, all records will be refreshed.

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