How to Explore

Exploration Map

Exploration becomes available once player reaches Level 24

After you unlock a new map a corresponding exploration will also be unlocked. 

Check the progress and remaining time of your exploration(s) in‘orders’

4 simultaneous explorations can be conducted at once.

Exploration Locations:

  • Gloriville-North Island
  • Light Kingdom-Sky City
  • Nevras-Observatory
  • Sakurajima-Roshomon 

Exploration Notice

Freshness is consumed equally across your Food Souls in the team.

Freshness consumption rate increases as you explore higher levels. Feed your Food Souls food to recover Freshness.

Obtain different materials based on your exploration location (Pine Board, Steel, Hollow Brick, Low-grade Screw)

The longer you explore, the more upgrade materials you’ll receive. In most cases, it takes 30 mins to obtain 1 material.

Materials can also be obtained through Boss explorations but won’t be shown when picking routes. Boss Explorations have better rewards.

Normal Explorations can return “Normal Seasoning”, “Small Soul Fruit”, “Magic Bottle”

Boss Explorations can return “Exquisite Seasoning”, “R Taiyaki” Shards, “R Nasi Lemak”. Obtain “SR Yogurt” Shards if Level 11 and up.

Higher the Boss Exploration level, stronger the monsters. Levels 11 and up will require two rounds of battle.

It is recommended that your team have 3 or more Food Souls above level 20 for Boss Explorations.

Well then, it seems a lot of friends are asking: how should we explore levels 11 and up? My answer is; Depends on who it is (T▽T)

Normal ingredient Rewards

Normal Ingredient Rewards

The above table lists all available ingredients and their corresponding levels. Ingredients from low levels can also be found in high levels.

Normal Ingredients Output is only related to level and not map.

Exquisite Ingredient Rewards

Exquisite Ingredient Rewards

Exquisite Ingredients in the list can all be purchased from the store.