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Hey? Are you waiting for me? Need me to escort you back?
— Cassata

Thumb-Cuisine Hunter!

Cuisine Hunter!: Get SR American Corn Bread and her shards!

Thumb-Seaside Moon

Seaside Moon: UR Caviar and SR Seaweed Soup available in limited card pool!

Thumb-Sound of the Void

Sound of the Void: Receive rewards for spending gems!

Thumb-Notes of Deep Fall

Notes of Deep Fall: Receive rewards for summoning!

Thumb-Lazy Afternoon

Lazy Afternoon: Zongzi and Cold Rice Shrimp's skins added to skin shop for a limited time!

Thumb-Breezy Snacks

Breezy Snacks: Raindrop Cake available in limited card pool, along with Sanma's rates being increased!

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