Although humans lost the elves’ protection and later became stronger, the Light Kingdom region, located in the northeast of the Knowles continent, was the first autonomous region formed by tribal groups. At the end of the war era, to ensure integrity of its land, a national system was built in advance.  Unlike humans in other regions, people here used the dreaming power to create gods; they became the leaders of Light Kingdom. But the gods of Light Kingdom usually live in human form. The sage here spent his entire life to nurture them to grownups. He is called the god’s nurturer. Because the lifespan of the gods are indefinite, the reign of the gods is in rotation, an update every four hundred years.


Light Kingdom is located in northeast of Knowles. For the high altitude, there are often mists and fogs. Light Kingdom produce rich agricultural products with a long tradition of livestock husbandry, providing a good foundation for the locals to set up a chef guild.

Light Kingdom


Thanks to the mountain peaks surrounding the west and the back, there is little conflict with the neighboring countries. With its prosperous local food culture, it has secretly worked with the Academy. With all these benefits, Light Kingdom was the first in the region to found a Chef Guild.



Nozokyo is located on the hilltop of the Light Kingdom border. It’s right opposite of Tamakyo; hence, the name Nozokyo. Nozokyo is a place for sacrifice in Light Kingdom. Every generation of deity is born and raised here. To people, this is the same as the source of faith, and is therefore managed by Light Kingdom clergy.

Spring Town

Spring Town is a larger town in the heart of Light Kingdom. It is home to bamboo products and tea. The water for making tea is from the springs of Tamakyo. It is sweet and delicious. This gives the name of Spring Town.

Lake of Glass Jar

Located in Light Kingdom, Lake of Glass Jar is the largest inland lake in the entire Knowles continent. It’s named so because it looks as if a crystalized jar from above. The lake was formed in the early days. In the Elves era, due to landslides, the junction of the Spring and Nozokyo rivers was blocked, so the lake was formed and it overflowed from time to time the following decades. After the governance of the previous deity, White Tiger, the lake has been stabilized.

Floating Platform

The Floating Platform, which is built on the southern tip of Lake of Glass Jar, is the main building in the center of Sky City. In addition to the deity White Tiger’s swords, the giant stone beast’s head also gives people a strong sense of oppression. The Floating Platform not only functions as a defense against Datenshi, it also works as a water dam. Water intercepted is led to Lake of Glass Jar, so Secret Forrest in downstream doesn’t suffer from flooding anymore. It serves both internal and external purposes.

Sky City

In the years that Datenshis began to wreak havoc, the previous deity, "White Tiger" led the locals to join together to build a defense construction to block off Datenshi’s threat. The full length of the building extends from the east to the west. After connecting it with the eastern mountains, Knowles becomes two continents. The tallest point is even higher than the mountain peak, shooting up to the sky. The Light Kingdom locales have started calling it Sky City.