Things that belong to me should be obedient!


A seductive young woman with strong desires. Her strong character and attractive figure often make others nervous when approaching her. She enjoys training and charming those around her.

Food Introduction

Spicy Gluten is a snack unique to China. It has a special place in the hearts of children as it is both delicious and easy to come by.



Initial / Maximum
Flame icon Soul Power 1121 /
Attack Attack 38 /
Defense Defense 10 /
Health HP 364 /
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 435 /
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 761 /
Attack Speed Attack Speed 797 /

Other Info

How to Acquire


Relentless Whipping Normal Skill
Spicy Gluten whips the nearest enemy target, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 19 extra damage.
Spicy Temptation Energy Skill
Spicy Gluten flirts with the nearest enemy target, and then whips them, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage, plus 71 extra damage, also charming the target for 3.5 seconds.
Super Spicy Temptation Link Skill
Spicy Gluten flirts with the nearest enemy target, and then whips them, dealing 120% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage, plus 92 extra damage, also charming the target for 4 seconds. Boston Lobster

Flavor Breakthrough Auto
During Judging Voyage, the Flavor of all dishes entered is increased by 55 points (+5 per level)
Whittle Away the Time 2 Stars
Reduces the time to re-challenge Judge Voyage by 150 seconds. (+50 per level)

Voice Lines

Contract Attendant? That sounded really terrific. So then, let Big Sister accompany you. File:Spicy Gluten-0001.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0001-JP.ogg
Log In You've arrived, after such a long time. It seems like you still don't understand your place. File:Spicy Gluten-0002.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0002-JP.ogg
Ice Arena Oh~ Attendant, do you want to play a game with me? File:Spicy Gluten-0009.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0009-JP.ogg
Skills Hmph! Despicable. File:Spicy Gluten-0010.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0010-JP.ogg
Ascend Well, I also want to try playing something new. File:Spicy Gluten-0011.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0011-JP.ogg
Fatigue I'm so tired, set me aside for the moment. File:Spicy Gluten-0012.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0012-JP.ogg
Recovering Huh? Why do you seem so impatient? File:Spicy Gluten-0013.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0013-JP.ogg
Team Formation Hehe, training time. File:Spicy Gluten-0014.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0014-JP.ogg
Knockout I will still return, you small thing. File:Spicy Gluten-0015.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0015-JP.ogg
Notice I finished cooking. File:Spicy Gluten-0017.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0017-JP.ogg
Idle 1 TBA File:Spicy Gluten-0018.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0018-JP.ogg
Idle 2 TBA File:Spicy Gluten-0019.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0019-JP.ogg
Interaction 1 Attendant? You need an existence of being trampled and nothing more. File:Spicy Gluten-0003.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0003-JP.ogg
Interaction 2 Oh just look at your poor eyes... Do you want taste the sweet flavors among the heat? File:Spicy Gluten-0004.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0004-JP.ogg
Interaction 3 Let me create a suffering in you that you will be unable to forget. File:Spicy Gluten-0005.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0005-JP.ogg
Pledge TBA File:Spicy Gluten-0016.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0016-JP.ogg
Intimacy 1 TBA File:Spicy Gluten-0006.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0006-JP.ogg
Intimacy 2 TBA File:Spicy Gluten-0007.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0007-JP.ogg
Intimacy 3 TBA File:Spicy Gluten-0008.ogg File:Spicy Gluten-0008-JP.ogg

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