When faced with the facts, all crude excuses fall on deaf ears.


She takes all matters very seriously and is rather direct, which can upset people. It is because of her straightforward manner, she prefers to have her brother Sashimi communicate for her.

Food Introduction

Sushi is a dish made popular by Japan. It has now become a recipe enjoyed around the world. Sushi also comes in all styles and flavors.



Initial / Maximum
Flame icon Soul Power 1328 /
Attack Attack 36 /
Defense Defense 18 /
Health HP 420 /
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 929 /
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 617 /
Attack Speed Attack Speed 522 /

Other Info

How to Acquire


Soul Normal Skill
Sushi lifts up her naginata, increasing her Atk and Crit by 1 and 20 respectively for 3 seconds.
Under the Banner of Samurai Energy Skill
Sushi spins her naginata and throws it at all enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 251 extra damage.
Super Under the Banner of Samurai Link Skill
Sushi spins her naginata and throws it at all enemies, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 326 extra damage. Sashimi

Voice Lines

Contract Our first meeting! Master Attendant, I am Sushi. I will go through hell and high water if necessary! File:Sushi-0001.ogg File:Sushi-0001-JP.ogg
Log In Welcome back, Master Attendant. File:Sushi-0002.ogg File:Sushi-0002-JP.ogg
Ice Arena Master Attendant, you're here. File:Sushi-0009.ogg File:Sushi-0009-JP.ogg
Skills Impertinent! File:Sushi-0010.ogg File:Sushi-0010-JP.ogg
Ascend Uh, hopefully I haven't let you down. File:Sushi-0011.ogg File:Sushi-0011-JP.ogg
Fatigue Master Attendant, can I rest a while? File:Sushi-0012.ogg File:Sushi-0012-JP.ogg
Recovering Oh, I feel much better. At your service! File:Sushi-0013.ogg File:Sushi-0013-JP.ogg
Team Formation Let's go. File:Sushi-0014.ogg File:Sushi-0014-JP.ogg
Knockout Am I... too weak? File:Sushi-0015.ogg File:Sushi-0015-JP.ogg
Notice Master Attendant, please enjoy your meal. File:Sushi-0017.ogg File:Sushi-0017-JP.ogg
Idle 1 We cannot slack off when it comes to training. File:Sushi-0018.ogg File:Sushi-0018-JP.ogg
Idle 2 It seems like time has stopped... is it an illusion? File:Sushi-0019.ogg File:Sushi-0019-JP.ogg
Interaction 1 I really hate hypocrites. Master Attendant, you're not this kind of person,right? File:Sushi-0003.ogg File:Sushi-0003-JP.ogg
Interaction 2 M-Master Attendant, what are you doing!? File:Sushi-0004.ogg File:Sushi-0004-JP.ogg
Interaction 3 When faced with the facts, all crude excuses fall on deaf ears. File:Sushi-0005.ogg File:Sushi-0005-JP.ogg
Pledge TBA File:Sushi-0016.ogg File:Sushi-0016-JP.ogg
Intimacy 1 TBA File:Sushi-0006.ogg File:Sushi-0006-JP.ogg
Intimacy 2 TBA File:Sushi-0007.ogg File:Sushi-0007-JP.ogg
Intimacy 3 TBA File:Sushi-0008.ogg File:Sushi-0008-JP.ogg

Fondness Stories

The weather turned cold, and in the blink of an eye autumn was upon us.

This makes three years since I came here to the Red Leaf Pavilion.

If not for the sight of those red leaves drifting to the ground, I don’t think I would even be aware of the passage of time.

Before I even knew what was going on with my Master Attendant and brother, both so important to me, were no longer by side.

It’s probably because of autumn’s chill, but the loneliness in my heart is feeling sharper.

Walking alone along the Red Leaf Pavilion’s paved path, red leaves make a rustling sound under my clogs.

I loved that sound, I don’t know why it brought me such peace.

Walking along the path I raise my head, and in the distance I can see Torii School.

You can reach the school through a few stone steps, and there are several medium-sized tatami rooms for the purpose of studying.

That’s where my brother Sashimi was now.

Actually, that’s a sad story not worth telling.

For Sashimi the Torii School was a wonderful place to study.

When Sashimi and I talked about this matter I agreed at once.

Of course I did, as his big sister how could I stand in his way?

Just like that, I was standing beneath the maple tree that stood outside the Torii School.

Probably because the maple tree was so ancient, it still preserved a bit of green in this crimson-stained world.

I quietly sat down under the tree, listening to the sound of someone reciting something in a clear voice inside the school.

It was only at that moment that I wished time could stop right here at this moment.

A gentle breeze brushed my face; this is a spot I had found when I returned Sashimi to school.

It’s my favourite place to go when I’m not up for being social.

“I wonder how he’s doing in school?”

I couldn’t help but think about such things.

“If you want to know I can help you find out!”

A youthful voice that was strangely low came out of the maple tree.

This was the second reason why I wanted to stop here.

I don’t know whether it was because the tree was lonely in such an isolated spot or because it has listened to students reading aloud for so many years, but it had learned to speak and that made it an excellent confidant for me.

“Please, if you could.”

“Oh! You should know that my branches are facing the school!”

The strange voice became clearer.

“Yes, thank you.”

I could always learn a lot about the school from this tree.

Just listening to those “children” laughing and playing, it was like they became my own memories.