Health is more important than money.


Toast is full of maturity and has a very high tolerance for others. People feel comfortable and safe around him. Often chased around by Sandwich asking to lend him some money. A very reliable person.

Food Introduction

Toast was created during an attempt to transmute bread into gold. In terms of the original goal, it was a failure, but its amazing flavor made it as valuable as gold. It became one of the world's most famous delicacies, and it has an important place in our daily lives.



Initial / Maximum
Flame icon Soul Power 813 /
Attack Attack 24 /
Defense Defense 10 /
Health HP 211 /
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 545 /
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 721 /
Attack Speed Attack Speed 523 /

Other Info

How to Acquire


Bread Twist Normal Skill
Toast throws out slices of toast like boomerangs, inflicting 100% damage to the nearest target plus 14 extra damage.
Divert Disasters Energy Skill
A gold strip drops out of Toast's box, increasing his defense by 5 for 2 seconds, and making him invulnerable to basic attacks for a period of time.

Work Out Auto
The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 points. (+10 per level)
Loved by All 1 Star
When customers pay their bills, receive an additional reward of 2 Gold. (+2 per level) Sprite-Supervisor
Cooking Expert 3 Stars
When the Food Soul's in the kitchen making a Recipe, production time is decreased by 5%. Sprite-Supervisor
Top Service 5 Stars
Customers have a 5% chance to pay an additional 10 Gold when paying their bill. Sprite-Supervisor Sprite-Staff

Voice Lines

Contract Oh, so it's you. Sorry, I'm Toast and it looks like we're going to be living together. File:Toast-0001.ogg File:Toast-0001-JP.ogg
Log In Oh, so you've come back. I thought it was Sandwich that knocked on the door. File:Toast-0002.ogg File:Toast-0002-JP.ogg
Ice Arena I feel pretty good for being in such a cold, empty place. Come in and sit with me for a while? File:Toast-0009.ogg File:Toast-0009-JP.ogg
Skills What do you think of this? File:Toast-0010.ogg File:Toast-0010-JP.ogg
Ascend Not bad at all. File:Toast-0011.ogg File:Toast-0011-JP.ogg
Fatigue I just don't have the energy I used to... File:Toast-0012.ogg File:Toast-0012-JP.ogg
Recovering Do you need me so badly? Don't worry, everything will be alright soon. File:Toast-0013.ogg File:Toast-0013-JP.ogg
Team Formation Let's go, I won't be late! File:Toast-0014.ogg File:Toast-0014-JP.ogg
Knockout This is really... unexpected... File:Toast-0015.ogg File:Toast-0015-JP.ogg
Notice This taste...mmm...Just right. File:Toast-0017.ogg File:Toast-0017-JP.ogg
Idle 1 I'm not used to having so much time all of a sudden. File:Toast-0018.ogg File:Toast-0018-JP.ogg
Idle 2 Let's make the most of this and take at our strategies... File:Toast-0019.ogg File:Toast-0019-JP.ogg
Interaction 1 It's still best when it's hot...Come and taste something fresh. File:Toast-0003.ogg File:Toast-0003-JP.ogg
Interaction 2 What's in this box isn't real. Only those with a vivid imagination can see them. File:Toast-0004.ogg File:Toast-0004-JP.ogg
Interaction 3 Don't you think Toast is a good name? File:Toast-0005.ogg File:Toast-0005-JP.ogg
Pledge TBA File:Toast-0016.ogg File:Toast-0016-JP.ogg
Intimacy 1 TBA File:Toast-0006.ogg File:Toast-0006-JP.ogg
Intimacy 2 TBA File:Toast-0007.ogg File:Toast-0007-JP.ogg
Intimacy 3 TBA File:Toast-0008.ogg File:Toast-0008-JP.ogg

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