Even just being side-by-side is enough to make me feel at ease~~Huh? Oh, I was just talking about Plum.


Ume Ochazuke seems very gentle but can actually be rather mischievous and will often play practical jokes on others.

Food Introduction

Ume Ochazuke's is a common staple food in life. It stimulates appetite very well, making Ume Ochazuke very charming. Quickly devouring it will result in people constantly thinking about its deliciousness.


Initial / Maximum
Flame icon Soul Power 1037 /
Attack Attack 40 /
Defense Defense 13 /
Health HP 264 /
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 335 /
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 854 /
Attack Speed Attack Speed 348 /

Other Info

How to Acquire


Teacup Normal Skill
Ume Ochazuke tosses plums from the sky at all enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 10 extra damage.
Enlarged Plums Energy Skill
Ume Ochazuke hurls two ginormous plums at all enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 144 extra damage.
Super Enlarged Plums Link Skill
Ume Ochazuke hurls two ginormous plums at all enemies, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 172 extra damage. Udon

Work Out Auto
The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 points. (+10 per level)
Ordering Expert 2 Stars
The maximum number of Recipes that can be sold in the Restaurant's showcase is increased by 10. (+2 per level) Sprite-Supervisor Sprite-Chef

Voice Lines

Contract Oh my~ I didn't expect to meet you in such a situation. Are you feeling hungry? Then let me cook for you~ File:Ume Ochazuke-0001.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0001-JP.ogg
Log In Ah, Master Attendant~! You arrived just in time. Will you help me find my pot? File:Ume Ochazuke-0002.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0002-JP.ogg
Ice Arena Master Attendant, would you like to rest a while too? Relax, it won't hurt you~ File:Ume Ochazuke-0009.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0009-JP.ogg
Skills The punishment is here! File:Ume Ochazuke-0010.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0010-JP.ogg
Ascend So beautiful~ File:Ume Ochazuke-0011.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0011-JP.ogg
Fatigue It seems like I need to have a good soak in the bath. File:Ume Ochazuke-0012.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0012-JP.ogg
Recovering Ah~ this feeling of warmth is so comfortable~ File:Ume Ochazuke-0013.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0013-JP.ogg
Team Formation Shall we play a game? File:Ume Ochazuke-0014.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0014-JP.ogg
Knockout How can it be... this way...? File:Ume Ochazuke-0015.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0015-JP.ogg
Notice Master Attendant, dinner is served~ File:Ume Ochazuke-0017.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0017-JP.ogg
Idle 1 A little bit of leisure time. If Master Attendant was here too, then it would be just right~ File:Ume Ochazuke-0018.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0018-JP.ogg
Idle 2 Let me think~ what can we do for fun? File:Ume Ochazuke-0019.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0019-JP.ogg
Interaction 1 Even just being side-by-side is enough to make me feel at ease~~ Huh? Oh I was just talking about Plum. File:Ume Ochazuke-0003.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0003-JP.ogg
Interaction 2 Youth is truly great~ but for me, is it already a distant memory? Hunh? Well, what do you think, Master Attendant? File:Ume Ochazuke-0004.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0004-JP.ogg
Interaction 3 Master Attendant, don't tap on the bowl~ File:Ume Ochazuke-0005.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0005-JP.ogg
Pledge Aaaah~ Master Attendant, I never thought that you... no, I'm very moved. I have a place to call home. This is such a good thing. File:Ume Ochazuke-0016.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0016-JP.ogg
Intimacy 1 Please be careful when you go out~ Ah, I'll have dinner ready for when you get back~ I look forward to your return~ File:Ume Ochazuke-0006.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0006-JP.ogg
Intimacy 2 Welcome back~ will a hug make you feel less tired?~ Wait... this hair doesn't seem like mine... I'm joking~ Aha~ Did I make you nervous? File:Ume Ochazuke-0007.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0007-JP.ogg
Intimacy 3 The bath is ready, get in and I'll go and prepare a change of clothes for you. File:Ume Ochazuke-0008.ogg File:Ume Ochazuke-0008-JP.ogg

Fondness Stories








  • An R-class Food Soul with a starting Freshness of 200 points, suitable for working in your restaurant.


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