I will do everything I can to protect those who are important to me!


Extremely loyal to his Master Attendant. He is cautious and acts as an advisor to his Master Attendant.

Food Introduction

Zongzi is a dessert cooked with glutinous rice wrapped in leaves. It is said to commemorate the ancient poet Qu Yuan.


Initial / Maximum
Flame icon Soul Power 1055 /
Attack Attack 29 /
Defense Defense 11 /
Health HP 332 /
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 482 /
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 566 /
Attack Speed Attack Speed 1293 /

Other Info

How to Acquire

One Sword One Body Normal Skill
Zongzi initiates his inner potential, increasing his own attack power by 2 points and his attack speed by 20 points over 2 seconds. At the same time, he reduces the defense power of the nearest enemy target by 2 points over 2 seconds.
Shooting Swords Energy Skill
Zongzi inflicts an onslaught using his swordsmanship, dealing damage of 40% to all enemies and an extra 80 points of damage. Has a probability of reducing the defense power of all enemies by 5 points over 5 seconds.
Super Shooting Swords Link Skill
Zongzi assails opponents with his swordsmanship, dealing 60% in damage per strike to all enemies, plus an extra 104 points of damage. Also has a probability of reducing enemy defense power by 7 over 5 seconds. Tangyuan

Voice Lines

Contract Destiny has been foretold. You will be my Master Attendant, and I shall pledge to follow you until the end of my days.
Log In Master Attendant~ I've been waiting for you for so long!
Ice Arena It is a bit cold here, do you feel it too?
Skills Unforgivable!
Ascend All of this is for you.
Fatigue I seem to be feeling the coldness of the river.
Recovering I'm going to rest for a little while, will you stay by my side?
Attack / Formation This time, I will protect you without fail.
Knockout My sword has failed you...
Notice TBA
Idle 1 TBA
Idle 2 TBA
Interaction 1 M-Master Attendant, you cannot act in such a way, please conduct yourself with dignity.
Interaction 2 Master Attendant? You called, what is the matter?
Interaction 3 Being in this little boat always feels just like back then, drifting along.

Fondness Stories





— Zongzi